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Why Solar Power?

The sun is an entirely free, clean, unlimited source of power. It's also easier and less expensive to harness that power than ever before. Solar PhotoVoltaic (Solar PV) energy is clean, reliable, and provides an excellent return on your investment. 

The province of British Columbia is already a leader in clean energy production. But it has the capacity for solar energy to appear prominently on its roster. Even on the "rainy" West Coast, the annual potential for solar energy is well above average.


Solar energy has spiked in popularity and usage in the recent past, due primarily to the dramatic increase in affordability. For instance, solar panels are almost 99% less expensive than they were in 1980.

In addition, BC Hyrdo's net metering program keeps track of the power you use and the surplus power your solar  system sends to the public grid. At the end of the year, if you've generated more power than you consumed, BC Hydro pays you 9.99 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour).

Solar systems can produce energy for more than 50 years. That's long-term benefits and an amazing return on investment.

Almost any home or business can be outfitted with a solar energy system. The following factors optimize the functionality of a solar system and increase your return on investment:

  • A south-facing roof with minimal shade-producing objects (trees, other buildings, etc.)
  • A large, flat surface to install panels - 240 sqft on average - preferably on a well-maintained roof, but ground installation is also possible.

Solar PV Benefits

Solar PV energy has so many benefits. They include:

  • Clean, reliable source of energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adds value to your property
  • Produces energy for 50+ years
  • Surplus energy feeds the power grid
  • Receive credits for surplus energy

Pricing Options

Solar PV Energy systems can be tailored to the size of your home or business and your energy needs. 

Systems range from $5 to $7 per watt.

An on-location assessment and estimate costs $150, which will be applied to your final bill if you proceed with the project.

Did you know? Non-profit groups and organizations are eligible to receive funding toward the purchase and installation of solar panels through the Government of Canada's Eco Action Community Funding Program. The Green Source Funding Database is also a useful tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - It's always raining in Vancouver. Is solar       energy worth it?
A - Of course. Even on overcast or rainy days,       there is always a certain amount of sun             shining through the clouds. Plus, with                 BC Hydro's net metering, any surplus               energy you make during summer months         is "stored" to use in cloudier months. 

Q - How long do solar panels last?
A-  Solar panel manufacturers typically                   guarantee their product for 25 years but             can produce solar energy for 50 years or           more. Talk about long-term benefits!

Q - The sun's energy is clean, but how                  environmentally friendly are the actual         panels?
A - The panels need between one to four                years to return the energy used to make            them. For the remainder of the panels' life,        (up to 50 years) it's a daily energy gain.

Q - Can I go completely off-grid?
A - Most urban homes use air conditioning,           electric heat, and other high-consumption         appliances. Although it is technically                 possible, the cost to size a solar energy             system capable of powering such a home         is not financially feasible for the average           household. 

Q - Where can I find out more information            about solar systems?
A -  We recommend the BC Sustainable                   Energy Association where much of our           information was sourced from.

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